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Lumpy Yeast Cake Wine: A Recipe

The past twoposts are my pretty literal translations of the recipe for lumpy yeast cake wine.  I'm going to try to make this, and it's convenient to have a plain English recipe to follow.

I haven't tried it yet, although I have purchased some millet and some commercial yeast balls to give it a try, and I've signed up for the arts and sciences display at Pennsic, so I'd better have something to show!
I'm assuming that one dan (石) is 100L, one dou (斗) is 10L, and that one hu (斛) is 50L. Lumpy Yeast Cake Wine A dry, strong millet wine. For vessels totalling 7000L.  Scale down (or up, for the adventurous) as appropriate.
Ingredients: 900L of Proso millet (Panicum miliaceum), divided as follows into seven charges:200L170L140L110L100L90L90LAdditional perhaps 100L millet on standby to adjust quantities during brewing.130L of lumpy yeast cakes (1/7 the amount of grain)400L water (this might actually be seven times this (2800L), but 400L is the most likely from the text…