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Lumpy Yeast Cake Wine: A Recipe

The past two posts  are my pretty literal translations of the recipe for lumpy yeast cake wine.  I'm going to try to make this, and it's convenient to have a plain English recipe to follow. I haven't tried it yet, although I have purchased some millet and some commercial yeast balls to give it a try, and I've signed up for the arts and sciences display at Pennsic , so I'd better have something to show! I'm assuming that one dan ( 石) is 100L, one dou ( 斗) is 10L, and that one hu ( 斛) is 50L. Lumpy Yeast Cake Wine A dry, strong millet wine. For vessels totalling 7000L.  Scale down (or up, for the adventurous) as appropriate. Ingredients: 900L of Proso millet ( Panicum miliaceum ) , divided as follows into seven charges: 200L 170L 140L 110L 100L 90L 90L Additional perhaps 100L millet on standby to adjust quantities during brewing. 130L of lumpy yeast cakes (1/7 the amount of grain) 400L water (this might actually be seven t