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A Few Cooking Recipes

I was asked by to translate some of the food recipes in Qimin Yaoshu by some SCA colleagues, so I thought I'd share them.  I'm hoping they'll give me cooking and tasting notes, which of course I'll share here. It's worth pointing out that this book is from northern China, and probably has a fair amount of barbarian influence on the cooking, hence all the sheep (or goat, they're the same word) meat. There are quantities here that I should explain before we dive in. Weight 1 jin  = 16 liang A reasonable guess of the weight in this period and locality in modern units is that 1 jin  is 440 grams. Volume 1 dan  = 10 dou 1 dou  = 10 sheng 1 sheng = 10 ge A reasonable estimate of the volume in this period in modern units is that 1 dou  is 3 liters. 羹臛法第七十六 Chapter 76: Methods for Stew and Broth. 《食經》作芋子酸臛法:To Make Taro Seed Sour Broth From the Classic of Food: 「豬羊肉各一斤,水一斗,煮令熟。 “One jin each of pork and sheep meat, one dou of water,