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The Register of Alcohol, and a Rebranding

This blog is really no longer about my normal homebrewing, so I think it's time to rename it. I'm going to take a page from Brewing with Egil and choose an appropriate mythical / historical patron for this blog.  Wikipedia suggests that there are two "candidates" for the mythical inventor of alcohol in China, Yu the Great and Du Kang .  Yu the Great did way too many things to be a reasonable patron since better known for (mythically) building the system of dikes and levees that ended flooding in China.  But Du Kang is really only known for alcohol, and has had poems and the like written about him, so I think that makes sense. Fermenting with Du Kang it is! I think it's also worth looking at some other texts that mention alcohol, particularly since I've had a moment to look through the bibliography from Science and Civilisation in China .  One very short book I had been looking at before I found the Qimin Yaoshu  is the Jiupu  (酒譜) , the register of a