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Polished Millet

As I wrote a while back , if you buy hulled millet in the grocery store or online, and you steam it, you don't get great results.  A lot of the grains don't cook completely, which leads to problems fermenting. The problem is really that the grains are unpolished and still have a layer of bran on them - they're the brown rice equivalent of millet.  I can buy white rice, but not "white" millet. The solution is to use more power . My food processor has two blades which looked reasonable to use.  One is the regular cutting blade (note that Cuisinart recently had a blade recall , which affected mine), and the other is the shorter-armed, plastic dough blade. I tried both, for sixty seconds continuously: Unprocessed Dough Blade Knife Blade The dough blade didn't really change the grains, but the knife blade did - the grains had a lot more powder, and when washed were much whiter: Part of the problem with the dough blade is that it doesn&