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Making Exceptional Yeast Cakes, Week 3

Last time, on yeast cake adventures, we flipped the yeast cakes.

Today, we're going to gather them.  Excitement!
至二七日,麴,還令塗戶,莫使風入。 After another seven days, gather the cakes, again mud the door, allowing no wind to enter.
I double checked to see if there was more meaning to that word (bolded in the original and in the translation), and there really isn't:
聚 jù Middle Chinese dzjuX
collect(ion), assemble, gather together, group(ing); (a)mass, accumulate.assembly of 3 or more celestial bodies in the same lunar, populace; settlement. So I guess I'll make a pile of them.

This time, the cakes smelled much more interesting.  I got strong caramel notes - I'm reminded of some kind of cookie my grandmother used to make but I can't put my finger on it.  I also get some floral notes.  It's interesting how much the aroma changed from last week.  I wonder if the caramel notes are due to saccharification byproducts.

It's unclear to me what purpose the gat…