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Five Sharbats for Crown Arts and Sciences

Back in March, I competed in the Crown's Arts and Sciences Championship, and with the assistance of  my dazzling outfit  managed to charm the judges into giving me one of the two winning spots!  I'm honored to have won: the competition was very strong. I've been a little remiss in updating the blog because the world is falling apart, but I'm back!  And I want to share both what I put together for the competition, and my actual documentation so that others can see at least one approach that seems to work ok. Documentation . I wanted to brew a selection of thirst-waters / sharbats as my entry.  The competition judges one entry or several as a single body of work, so it wasn't strictly necessary, but part of the story that I wanted to tell was the spread of sharbats out of Central Asia and establishing them as a drink shared across 8,000 miles, from Andalusia to China. It turns out that it's a little hard to draw a direct linguistic line between sekenja