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Millet Wine and Rice Wine à la Yuán Púshè

I've been a bad blogger, and neglected to post for some time for life reasons. I brought this wine to the King and Queens' Arts and Sciences competition and did very well!  They included me in the second round of judging but I backed out because winning carried a bit of a burden with it that I did not want to shoulder. Thankfully, this recipe is attributed to a person, so I can name it something better than "Millet Wine and Rice Wine from Exceptional Yeast Cakes #1." (YE1W1 and YE1W2 for those playing along at home)  No idea who Yuán Púshè was though. The grain schedule for this recipe is pretty simple: If you have one unit of powdered yeast cakes, on successive days add 3 units, 5 units, and 10 units of your grain of choice.  If using millet add another 3 units on the next day. The millet should be steamed twice, and the rice should be just barely steamed, and then have boiling water poured over it.  I tried wrapping the millet in fabric while steaming to k