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Sugared Noodles

I translated another few recipes for the cooks mailing list. I had initially thought that "yellow cocoon candy" would be something like cotton candy, or pişmaniye , but this is actually noodles dry-fried and soaked in syrup.  Still neat!  I wonder how these taste. 《食次》曰:From The Sequence of Food [Lost Northern and Southern Dynasties era text on food, which survives in part here.]: 「白繭糖法:熟炊秫稻米飯,及熱于杵臼淨者舂之為𥻓 ,須令極熟,勿令有米粒。 “To make white cocoon candy [actually a kind of friend glutinous rice noodle rolled in sugar to form pellets]: take fully cooked proso millet or rice [commentary thinks it’s glutinous, but I’m not sure from the text], pound it completely in a mortar as if you are making rice cakes.  You must fully pound it, and not allow any grains to remain. 幹為餅:法,厚二分許。 Form into a cake [cakes?]: in the standard way, two fen or so thick. 日曝小燥,刀𠠫為長條,廣二分;乃斜裁之,大如棗核,兩頭尖。 Dry in the sun until a little dry, and cut it using a knife in straight divisions to form l