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Yuan Dynasty Bochet Lemonade

Based primarily off of the poem I discussed earlier , and cross-referencing other sherbet recipes, I made a caramelized honey lemonade, similar to bochet , which is mead made from caramelized honey. What I drew from that poem is: a hundred flowers brewed into a sweet dew syrup A primarily honey-based syrup In the southern garden, boiled to red dragon marrow The honey should be boiled until red.  This is a little conjectural, but I think fairly convincing.  Other sherbets cook their syrups pretty severely:   Compendium of Essential Arts for Family Living 's Chinese Quince sherbet has you cook the quince slices in honey until it forms "flexible strands," which is pretty cooked.  I got a similar effect after the syrup I made had cooled fully.  heaven's winds, summer heat, good-for-"meng" fruit And then we add lemon juice. Sherbets typically have a fruit juice and an optional sweetener added, and this fruit is definitely it.   Is it lemon? I&#