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A whole lot of new information

A few days ago I was shopping for glutinous rice and it occurred to me that I didn't know whether I should get polished (white) glutinous rice or brown/black/purple glutinous rice.  So I asked

I got an answer!  It's white rice.

But the historian who answered me cited two works:

Bray, Francesca. Science and Civilisation in China Volume 6, Part 2: Agriculture. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1984. 381-86.
Shi, Sheng-han. A Preliminary Survey of the Book Ch’i Min Yao Shu: An Agricultural Encyclopedia of the 6th Century.Peking: Science, 1974. 53-54 (an annotated English-language translation of Qimin Yao Shu). The first book is one I knew existed but costs something like $300 on Amazon.  So its contents are a mystery.  But the second one is the same book I've been working on translating... and there's apparently an English translation already floating around.

In my defense, I didn't find it because that translation is using an o…