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Mutton Wine

While reading Science and Civilisation  about mead, I found this passage talking about the medicated wines in The Wine Canon of North Hill  (北山酒經): Two wines with animal components are included, the venerable tiger-bone wine and the estimable mutton wine.  The tiger-bone is still going strong, but the lamb appears to have lost its appeal. (page 237) For a brief moment I felt safe in knowing that I didn't have a copy of the source text.  These were simpler times, full of innocence and happiness.  Then I though, "well, I should really make sure it hasn't been digitized yet" and lo and behold, has it .  Ugh.  It's in the third chapter ("下") 44 〔白羊酒〕 White Mutton Wine 45 臘月取絕嫩羯羊肉三十斤, In the twelfth month take thirty jin of the meat of a particularly tender wether . 肉三十廳內要肥膘十斤, Within the thirty [ jin ?] should be ten jin of fat. 連骨使水六斗已來, Add six dou of water to the bones, 入鍋煮肉,令極軟。 Put it in a wok and

Chinese Mead?

Carolingia, the Boston-area SCA group is planning an event in March called the Laurels Prize Tourney , where laurels (people who are Officially Very Good At Arts and Sciences) put out challenges and people try to meet them. One of the challenges calls for well-researched mead, and I wondered if I could find any Chinese mead recipes.  I know that grain wines were far and away the dominant thing, but there's got to be something out there, right? Well, I read through 46 pages of search results  for every mention of "honey" after the Han dynasty (206 BCE - 220 CE) in the big online repository of Chinese texts  and came up with nothing.  Rats.  I did learn that they preserved plums in honey, which is kind of cool I guess. doesn't have everything though.  And while I was taking a break around page 20, I decided to see what Google could turn up. English wikipedia mentions this paper about a 1000-2000 BCE find supporting a mixed honey, rice and grape ferme